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Liberty Conspiracy Short Class 7! Gard's Conversation w Jacob Hornberger, of The Future of Freedom Foundation, on Free Association, Immigration, and Peace!

It was a pleasure to meet Jacob via video, and spend this time digging into such key subjects!

Welcome, Fellow Conspirators!

Thanks to the great kindness and generosity of David Knight, who hosts the David Knight Show M-F from 9 AM to noon, Gard got to fill-in on 3-28 and 3-29. Jacob also offered great kindness to join Gard on the 29th, to discuss some of the important aspects of the so-called “border” dispute that often are overlooked. Many contemporary Americans avoid acknowledging the problem of how immoral it is to use aggressive power to tell others they cannot associate, work together, buy or sell from or to others. The translation of this dysfunctional immorality into US policy sees an abrogation of the US Constitution, and additional problems inherent in the fact that various “controllers” will change the central-plan, causing even more anger and upset among people who are forced to pay taxes to “fund” the “border policy” of that week, that month, or that Administration.

See how even the definition of a “border” is impossible to offer when it is the result of a political machine, and see what Jacob has created and run for decades, promoting freedom at fff dot org, the Future of Freedom Foundation!


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